For ages realized masters who have discovered the Truth of the Nature of Existence have brought that Truth to disciples and non-disciples alike. Their one aim in life has been to share this knowledge with anyone who is in search of their real nature.  Perhaps only a few hundred out of every million even care to do so.  That is how effective the mesmerizing power of the world around is.  We are hopelessly attached to our various accouterments – cars, houses, cell phones and all the latest electronic gadgets.  We are mired in watching sports, playing video games, listening to gossip both in the media and in our narrow-minded social circles.

But for those who realize there is something tragically missing in their life, something that has left a gaping hole in their hearts, something that gnaws at one’s very soul – that something is none other than YOU – the real you – and the following video discourses of realized masters can be just the link that introduces you to who you really are.

Take heed, my friends, these discourses are not about frivolous schemes to attract money or relationships or leap-frogging ahead in your careers. Yes, they are about finding joy in your life, but not from anything external.  They are about finding the joy within you, the joy that has always been there but you never noticed because you were always searching outside, hypnotized by all the magnetic attractions this world has to offer.

But now is your chance to break away and discover your true nature and with it, the joy that has always dwelled within you.

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