A guru once said: “It’s not a detachment of the body and of the mind, but a detachment from the body and from the mind.” I say it is neither. Keep your humanity. Do not feel you need to detach it in any way. Humanity and Divinity are one. They are not two. In fact, Humanity and Divinity, Nature and Infinity are all the same. They are four principles of the One Truth.
What we need to detach from are our ideas and partial pictures of the body and of the mind. Those pictures that have given us only a partial view of our world and, therefore, skewed ideas of the world upon which we have built our lives. We have encased, imprisoned ourselves within their walls with no windows or doors to Reality, only walls filled with false images that tell us whom we are supposed to be and what we should believe. None of them speak to us of the One Truth.
We don’t need another Bible, another Koran, another Sutra or another Gita. We don’t need another Hail Mary, another mantra, another koan or another puja. What we need is to look at those walls and question their false pictures – both pictures that we ourselves have taken and those fed to us by our families, our religions, and our societies at large.
Not look from above, which skews are view even more, but by sinking ever lower and lower for a view of each that is whole and complete. And not only look but listen as well. Listen to those voices that have ordered, praised, criticized, forced and cajoled us to shape the lives we now lead. Question their reality.
Listen also to Nature for she speaks in the many tongues of Truth and its simple vestiges: the sound of the wind and rain, the rush of a river, the gurgling of a brook, the roar of the ocean, the cry of a new-born, the ebb and flow of the breath, the deafening silence of a winter snowfall. These are all the Voices of God.
There is no need to see God everywhere. Instead see purposefulness, sensitivity, affinity and kinship. These are all synonymous with God, just as the terms Brahman, Allah, Christ and Tao. See them in your fellow humans as you look deeply into their eyes, realizing they perceive, think and feel just as you do. See them also in other living beings, in the birds of the air and in the four-leggeds that surround us. See their purposefulness. See their sensitivity to Nature. See how they have affinity for their offspring and kinship with their environment. Hear it in their voices that call out to us. Then see them in inanimate things: a rock, a mountain, water flowing down a hillside. See them in a simple table and a chair. See how the rock is an expression of the mountain, which, in turn, is an expression of the One Truth, which, in turn, is exactly what we are. See how water flows freely down that mountainside taking soil and minerals with it to nourish the many micro-organisms that flourish beneath the rock as the water flows around and under it. See the perfect kinship between a table and a chair. See their purposefulness in relation to the plates of food, or the books or the game boards and the people that utilize their levelness and steadfastness in so many ways.
Indeed, this world is not foreign to us, nor us to it. Not if we view it correctly. Not if we don’t separate ourselves from Nature. Not if we open our hearts along with our senses. Not if we cherish our Humanity along with our Divinity.

Written at Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan, India

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