This page is dedicated to that Nameless and Formless Source of all things, seen and unseen, which Laozi called the Tao. But the old sage made it clear that Tao was not the actual name but the one he chose for literary purposes only. He settled on the word Tao, which means Way or Path because all things must follow the Way of their Nameless, Formless Source.

The selected readings and lectures below can give you a better insight into the Tao and its workings. So, relax and still your mind as you listen. Don’t try to interpret or consciously, willfully seek out something deep and profound. Let it come naturally on its own terms. Remember what you are seeking is what you are seeking with. Listen with your “heart,” letting the words sink to that place where all words disappear and meanings dissolve and the only language that exists there is the language of the soul – silence

Hopefully you are relaxed and attentive for this introduction to the Tao Te Ching. It is the best one that I have heard.