Discourse #1 The Life Force
Seek not,
Want not,
Fear not,
You are the Life Force.

Life Force is the Presence that flows within, without and throughout all manifestations. It is the same Presence that motivates and sustains the galaxies, the planets and their inhabitants. Only the levels or layers of that flow are different. Think of a three-layer cake sitting on a bakery shelf. It is the same icing between each layer. In some sections it may be thicker, in others thinner due to the texture of the flour. Or, take a brick and mortar storefront with the same mortar thoughout holding the bricks in place. Though the thickness of the mortar may vary, it is, nevertheless, the very same mortar.

It is no different with humans. Depending on our acquired conditioning and habitual behavior, the Life Force may be stronger in some and weaker in others, but the flow of the Life Presence is constant throughout.

A wind farm is perhaps the best example. The earth on which the farm has been constructed will not be perfectly level nor is the construction of each windmill exactly the same without any deviations. Thus, when a steady gust picks up those mills that are slightly higher may receive a stronger effect than the lower ones. It depends on their positioning. While given two mills on the same level, the that has been better constructed will turn somewhat faster and thus generate more electricity.

So, too, with the Life Force or Dao. Though it flows evenly throughout the cosmos, due to the mass and positioning of the effected objects and, in the case of humans, their psychophysical stature, the Life Force will be stronger in some and weaker in others. Overall conditioning from family members, guardians, teachers, friends and neighbors as well as one’s social circle are all factors in determining the strength of the Life Force.

Actually, it is neither a force nor an energy. It is a presence or grace that gnerates various energies and forces within the manifested objects that it flows through – galaxies, planets and their inhabitants – just as the wind flowing through the mills in a wind farm generates electricity, which like the energies created by this presence can create, sustain or destroy.

Our one aim, our one most prominent activity in life is to cultivate this presence, honor it and recognize it in all life, human or otherwise.

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